Regulatory Support

Huaren’s registration department is to provide and maintain DMFs as well as offer regulatory support to customers. With many years experience in registering our products in China and other countries, Huaren can provide the necessary information and fast responses for our customers when they are going to submit a drug application to the relevant agencies, which can be very helpful especially to a generic drug manufacturer who wants to register their products in China.

Quality Support

Huaren is committed to creating a healthier world and our quality management system is designed to ensure that products meet regulatory requirements and customer’s demand. It is our duty to provide high-quality products that guarantee safe and effective use.

To continuously improve the customer’s experience, Huaren has implemented the following measures:

  1. Help customer solve drug and containment compatibility issues;
  2. Reduce risk with an integrated monitoring process ;
  3. Use state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture products;
  4. Establish a strict product analysis and release regime according to approved SOPs;
  5. Lightning-fast speed in solving product issues upon receiving complaint.