Wj2znzXpmEpJp8C89roZCXlu Halogenated Butyl Rubber Stopper for Injectable Sterile Powder - HUAREN Medical

Rubber Stopper For Sterile Powder

Rubber Stopper For Sterile Powder

20mm 13mm


1. Good chemically stability , and drug compatibility
2. Super clean tech make sure without migration precipitation
3. Exxon or Lanxxes material ,all the workshop meet GMP standards
4. Delivered in premium pill or ultra clean final treatments


Item name Crown Dia. (mm) Neck dia (mm) Crown thickness(mm) Height(mm)
13-A 12.5 7.6 2 12
20-A 18.8 13.2 3.3 8.8
20-B2 19.5 13 3 8.7


Package Choice of packaging for sterilization or direct introduction into isolators and RABS
PE bag /Tyvek BAG/Autoclave bag and carton