Wj2znzXpmEpJp8C89roZCXlu Brominated Butyl Rubber Stopper for Injectable Lyophilized Powder

Rubber Stopper For Lyophilization

Rubber Stopper For Lyophilization


• Designed to remain stable on the pharmaceutical glass vial during the transfer and sublimation phases in the freeze dryer.
• High chemical inertness and effective recovery of the reconstituted drug product as well as optimal protection of the lyocake.
• Low extractable low moisture vapor transmission formulations are designed for a variety of lyophilization applications as well.
• Good compatible for vaccine and freezing dry.
• Available in ready-to-sterilize and ready-to-use formats.


Item name Crown Dia. (mm) Neck Dia. (mm) Crown thickness(mm) Height(mm)
20-D2 18.8 13.2 3.3 13.8
20-D3 18.8 13.2 3.3 13.8
20-D4 18.8 13.5 3.5 14.5
13-D1 12.5 7.5 2 9.9
13-D2 12.5 7.5 2 9.8