Wj2znzXpmEpJp8C89roZCXlu Rubber Plungers for Prefillable Syringes and Rubber Caps for Prefilled Syringe Needles

Rubber Plunger and Caps For Syringe

Rubber Plunger and Caps For Syringe


• Available for Luer Lock and Luer Slip pre-filled syringes.
• All plunger and caps are designed and manufactured with high level of quality, safety and patient comfort.
• A variety of ultra clean rubber formulations providing high level chemical inertness combined with the specific functional properties required for a wide spectrum of drug .
• Available for all our formulations, which meet international standards, including USP, EP and ISO.
• Available in validated Ready to Sterilize (RTS) and/or Sterile Ready to Use (RTU) .
• Delivered in ultra clean final treatment (RTS)


Item name Outer Dia. (mm) Puncture thickness(mm) Height(mm)
φ7 7.4 ±0.1 2.4 ±0.2 7.6 ±0.2


Item Thousand pcs/bag Thousand pcs/CTN KG/BAG N.W./CTN KG G.W.KG/CTN
Φ14 10 20 9.38 18.76 19.9
Φ9 20 4 10.07 2.014 3.1
Φ7 30 60 11 22 23.1