HSE Management System Successfully Passed the Recertification Audit

Huaren Medical successfully passed the annual audit
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HSE Management System Successfully Passed the Recertification Audit

From June 15 to June 16, Shandong Shitong International Certification Center conducted a recertification review of the company’s 2021 environment and occupational health and safety management system operation. The six audit teachers strictly follow the requirements of the occupational health and safety management system (GB/T45001) and the environmental management system (GB/T24001-2004), and conduct on-site inspections, inquiries, conversations, and record inspections to the company’s management and each 8 departments including relevant departments, 29 audit elements have been carefully reviewed。

After a two-day intensive audit, at the final meeting of the external audit of the management system held on June 16, the audit team leader Li Tong notified the results of the audit. The audit team agreed that: our company is able to carry out various HSE activities in depth in accordance with the requirements of the HSE management system, the management policy and management objectives are appropriate, and the management system is operating normally and effectively, and is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Request and agree to maintain certification qualifications. While affirming, Team Leader Li Tong put forward rectification opinions and improvement suggestions on the problems found in this audit. Wang Junhong, director of the company’s safety and quality management committee, and general manager Wang Junhong thanked the audit team for their guidance, and promised to implement the rectification within the specified time. All questions raised by the review team. At the same time, all departments of the company are required to attach great importance to the audit results, further strengthen the learning and understanding of system standards, and regulate various management processes to promote the effective operation and continuous improvement of the company’s occupational health and environmental management system.