Ash Test Method YBB00262005-2015

China Pharmacopoeia 2015 Edition General Rules 0401 UV-Vis Spectrophotometry
YBB00232004-2015 Pharmaceutical Synthetic Polyisoprene Gasket

Ash Test Method YBB00262005-2015

This standard applies to the determination of ash content of pharmaceutical halogenated butyl rubber, polyisoprene rubber stoppers and gaskets. Determination method.

Take an appropriate amount of this product, cut into pieces, take 1.0g, place it in a crucible that has been ignited to a constant weight, accurately weigh it, and slowly ignite it on an electric furnace.

To be completely carbonized (should prevent the sample from catching fire), let it cool: Burn at 800℃ ±25℃to completely ash, place it in a desiccator, let it cool, and then accurately weigh it at 800℃ ±25℃ Burn to constant weight and get it.

Presentation of results

The percentage of ash content X is calculated by the following formula:

x (%)=( m2-m1)/m0*100%

 X is the percentage of ash, %

m0 is the weight of the test product, g;

m 1 is the weight of the empty crucible , g:

m2 is the weight of crucible and ash, g.